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¿Porque elegir tenis de novia para ese día tan especial?

Why choose bridal shoes for that special day?

I have read some articles and opinions where it is said that you should not wear bridal shoes on that day for anything, personally I respect them a lot because everyone is free to choose the best for the probably most important day of your life, but I will list some points for you which for me is the best option:

1.- That day does not start from the ceremony, it starts very early from your hair and makeup appointment, photos, etc. this day is really very exhausting (at least it was for me) so by the time of the party you are really very very tired, even your feet can get swollen.

2.- You can wear your tennis shoes without detracting from the elegance of your outfit, I am here to help you choose the accessories for your shoes that most resemble your dress, crown, bouquet, etc.

3.- If it is a platform model, rest assured that my brand offers you light and very comfortable shoes, so you will not feel the height of your shoes and your dress will not drag.

4.- You can wear some heels for your religious ceremony and for the party leave the platform sneakers, as long as they are of the same height (or one centimeter less or more) so that your dress does not end up like a mop!

I have been in this beautiful field of work for more than 10 years, many happy brides support me, contact me, I am sure that I can help you with much love!


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